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DFCV sells nearly 220,
DFCV sold 12,000 mediu
DFCV enhances industry
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Weichai WP10.375 ,WP10
Weichai WP10.375 ,WP10
  DONG FENG CUMMINS PART - Product Recommendation - 2012-03-21


According to a business express of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company (DFCV), the company sold nearly 220,000 units in the first 11 months, maintaining steady momentum and enjoying a comfortable lead in the medium and heavy-duty truck industry.

    This year has seen a slump in the medium and heavy-truck industry and a rational regression of the market. In this context, DFCV has maintained the largest share in the medium and heavy-duty truck market, registering a year-on-year 0.6% increase, and jumping from the third place to the first in the heavy-duty truck sector while maintaining first in the medium-duty truck sector. The headquarters’ sales soared against the tendency to 155,000 units in the first 100 months, registering a further year-on-year increase in the cumulative market share, and accomplishing balanced development of all series.

    According to recent sources from Manager Magazin, an authoritative German website, the global sales of medium and heavy-trucks (≥6t) are expected to be 2,700,000 units, 46% of which will be contributed by China, and Dongfeng will lead the table with 279,400 units, suggesting one out of five vehicles in China is manufactured by Dongfeng, accounting for nearly 10.5% of the global market. As Dongfeng vehicles become more mature and its market share increases, medium & heavy-duty trucks of Dongfeng brand represented by DFCV will become increasingly influential worldwide and actively blend into international competition.

 the heavy-duty truck market, Dongfeng remained robust after leaping to the industry first early this year. In the first 11 months, DFCV sold more than 160,000 heavy-duty trucks, of which more than 90,000 units were contributed by the strategic model Kinland. In November, the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry & Commerce (SAIC) announced newly accredited famous Chinese trademarks on its official website. “Kinland” made the list as the first commercial vehicle sub-brand. Over the five years since launch, Kinland has gained recognition and trust from the market and customers, thus becoming a model in the domestic heavy-duty truck market.

    In the medium-duty truck market, Dongfeng consolidated its lead. In the first 11 months, DFCV sold 57,000 units, including more than 45,000 units contributed by the strategic model Kingrun, registering a record high.

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