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DFCV sells nearly 220,
DFCV sold 12,000 mediu
DFCV enhances industry
Dongfeng commercial ve
Dongfeng Renault Engin
Weichai WP10.375 ,WP10
Weichai WP10.375 ,WP10
Weichai WP10.375 ,WP10
  DONG FENG CUMMINS PART - Product Recommendation - 2012-03-22

    In January 2012, DFCV sold more than 12,000 medium and heavy-duty trucks. In the context of rational regress of the industrial growth, DFCV has maintained steady operations at the beginning of the New Year.

    In January, DFCV’s head office sold nearly 10,000 units. In the sector of heavy-duty trucks, DFCV sold more than 9,000 units in January. In late 2011, the fully upgraded new Kinland was launched with more than 60 items improved, making it more competitive. In the sector of medium-duty trucks, DFCV sold 3,000 units in January, thus consolidating the industrial status of the star model Kingrun.
   In 2012, opportunities and challenges coexist in the industry. DFCV will secure a market share not inferior to that in 2011 with moderate and scientific prediction, and challenging and aggressive posture. DFCV will focus on enhancing brand value and intensifying business platform development and maintenance. Particularly in marketing pattern, DFCV will coordinate the entire value chain including the product planning and developing system, the purchase and manufacturing system and the service system to form a distinctive marketing pattern, thus promoting the sustained and steady growth of the company’s strategic commodities.


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